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 http://​www.pnas.org/​content/​early/​2018/​10/​12/​1800755115/​ Comparing continual task learning in minds and machines http://​www.pnas.org/​content/​early/​2018/​10/​12/​1800755115/​ Comparing continual task learning in minds and machines
 +Here, we studied the patterns of errors made by humans and state-of-the-art neural networks while they learned new tasks from scratch and without instruction. Humans, but not machines, seem to benefit from training regimes that blocked one task at a time, especially when they had a prior bias to represent stimuli in a way that encouraged task separation. Machines trained to exhibit the same prior bias suffered less interference between tasks, suggesting new avenues for solving continual learning in artificial systems.
 +https://​arxiv.org/​abs/​1805.06370v2 Progress & Compress: A scalable framework for continual learning