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 https://​github.com/​joelouismarino/​iterative_inference https://​github.com/​joelouismarino/​iterative_inference
 +https://​openreview.net/​forum?​id=HygYqs0qKX ​
 +https://​arxiv.org/​abs/​1706.04008 Recurrent Inference Machines for Solving Inverse Problems
 +We establish this framework by abandoning the traditional separation between
 +model and inference. Instead, we propose to learn both components jointly without the need to define
 +their explicit functional form. This paradigm shift enables us to bridge the gap between the fields
 +of deep learning and inverse problems. A crucial and unique quality of RIMs are their ability to
 +generalize across tasks without the need to retrain. We convincingly demonstrate this feature in our
 +experiments as well as state of the art results on image denoising and super-resolution.
 +https://​arxiv.org/​pdf/​1811.02486.pdf Concept Learning with Energy-Based Models
 +https://​openreview.net/​forum?​id=rkxw-hAcFQ Generating Multi-Agent Trajectories using Programmatic Weak Supervision ​
 +e blend deep generative models with programmatic weak supervision to generate coordinated multi-agent trajectories of significantly higher quality than previous baselines.