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 even generalizes from image datasets to a text even generalizes from image datasets to a text
 task. task.
 +https://​arxiv.org/​abs/​1804.07275v1 Deep Triplet Ranking Networks for One-Shot Recognition
 +https://​arxiv.org/​abs/​1512.01192v2 Prototypical Priors: From Improving Classification to Zero-Shot Learning
 +https://​arxiv.org/​abs/​1901.02199v1 FIGR: Few-shot Image Generation with Reptile
 +Our model successfully generates novel images on both MNIST and Omniglot with as little as 4 images from an unseen class. We further contribute FIGR-8, a new dataset for few-shot image generation, which contains 1,548,944 icons categorized in over 18,409 classes. Trained on FIGR-8, initial results show that our model can generalize to more advanced concepts (such as "​bird"​ and "​knife"​) from as few as 8 samples from a previously unseen class of images and as little as 10 training steps through those 8 images. ​ https://​github.com/​OctThe16th/​FIGR https://​github.com/​marcdemers/​FIGR-8