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 Item-to-Item Recommendations on Pinterest Item-to-Item Recommendations on Pinterest
 +https://​medium.com/​@Pinterest_Engineering/​pinsage-a-new-graph-convolutional-neural-network-for-web-scale-recommender-systems-88795a107f48 PinSage: A New Graph Convolutional Neural Network for Web-Scale Recommender Systems
 +Unlike Euclidean spaces, Hyperbolic spaces are intrinsically equipped to handle hierarchical structure, encouraged by its property of exponentially increasing distances away from origin. We propose HyperBPR (Hyperbolic Bayesian Personalized Ranking), a conceptually simple but highly effective model for the task at hand. Our proposed HyperBPR not only outperforms their Euclidean counterparts,​ but also achieves state-of-the-art performance on multiple benchmark datasets, demonstrating the effectiveness of personalized recommendation in Hyperbolic space.